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WindVest is different from the traditional windshield that may come standard on your motorcycle. It has a unique design with a wind combination that deflects the wind blast from your face and chest area and makes your ride more comfortable and less tiring.

Wind Vest was founded on one belief: To build the best performance windscreens in the world. So they constantly look for ways to improve windshield technology. The very first Wind Vest had a new idea – billet aluminum cross-bar brackets – that revolutionized windshield mounts. And that was just a start.

Constantly in new development, WindVest has wind shields to accommodate a large demographic of the motorcycle riding community. From the smaller rider to the tallest guy out there, Wind Vest is meeting the need. From the large V-Twin or Metric Cruisers to the stylized chopper, WindVest has these needs considered, either in development or available for purchase. You might be surprised at how far we plan to go with sport motorcycle windscreen innovations in the next few years.

Wind Vest Performance Windshields

Detail Wind Vest Design
  • Integrated deflector diverts the wind away from chest and head
  • Designed to be both beautiful and functional
  • Extra thick 5mm, hand molded acrylic windshield
  • Front flat surface, 2” side contours with integrated deflector creates low pressure wind flow diverting wind away from the chest and head
  • Billet hardware allows effortless installation and removal. Easily detaches with 2 allen bolts
  • Mounting holes allow easy up and down adjustments
  • Innovative cross-bar bracket holds the windscreen firmly in place
  • Chrome-plated billet aluminum handlebar clamps grip the windshield securely in place without damaging the handlebars

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